Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sustainable Ministry Model

Light of the Lord Global Missions is neither a stand alone religious entity nor a stand alone non-profit business entity, but it is an innovative mix of the two. Our ministry model is one based on the notion of interdependence - linking individuals, families, communities, businesses, and government to each other and to God.

Here is our complete Vision:

Light of the Lord Global Missions stands as a link between Heaven and earth. We are a delivery vehicle for God, spreading His light to places in the world that need Him most.

To know God personally is to know no limitation, to know no fear, to know that anything is possible, to have an absolute certainty of oneself, to know true happiness.

As ambassadors for the Lord, our first objective is to motivate people to understand that their greatest dreams and highest potential can be achieved after an interdependent partnership is forged with the Lord. Our second objective is to act as a catalyst in this process by laying a foundation for sustainable growth in all facets of an individual’s life.

For that reason, we are determined to develop and implement self-sustainable programs – programs modeled after and cloaked in Christian values and principles - that empower individuals and communities to take control of their own destiny.  Moreover, by acting as a catalyst and providing opportunity to people who have never been allowed to dream, we are unlocking a human potential that has no limitation and is quite simply unimaginable. 

The following are two examples of how we have formed the foundation of a self-sustaining ministry and how we act as a catalyst in helping people reach their full potential:

1) Mary’s Milk - An Entrepreneurial Success 

Since I departed from Uganda, we have injected NO new capital into the dairy operation. It has sustained itself from day one, literally earning a profit since opening its doors to business. Once salaries, utilities, and other operational costs are accounted for, the remaining profits are then re-circulated back into the ministry to meet its demands. Example demands include: purchase of new equipment, support of orphans, weekly cost of hiring an interpreter. 

As one can see, the ministry is dependent on Mary’s Milk success. However, Mary’s Milk is also dependent on the ministry. Our success as a ministry creates a positive association to Mary’s Milk in the community and also acts as a marketing tool for the business. When we provide discounted milk on Sunday’s to our fellowship, we are showing goodwill and creating a positive image for Mary’s Milk. Thus, Mary’s milk and our Ministry are interdependent of each other. 

This is an example of the model we want to replicate on a very large scale. Now let me show you how an interdependent, self-sustaining ministry model directly impacts an individual human being....

2) Our Model Serves as a Catalyst to Angela’s Dreams

Angela is 20 years-old and is one of two employees at Mary’s Milk. Angela received the equivalent of a high school level education in United States. Like the majority of Ugandan’s, she could not afford to continue her education. Also like the majority of Ugandan’s, Angela was jobless. One day when I was supervising our new employees, I asked Angela if she was enjoying her new job.  Angela said, “My friends and people in my village look at me differently and respect me now because I have a job.” 

Angela has a new sense of dignity. She now has a reason to dream. With the money she is earning and saving she can one day attend college, provide for herself and her family, and maybe even start her own business. We serv as a catalyst to Angela reaching her full potential.

Interdependence. Mary’s Milk can’t succeed without Angela and Angela can’t dream big without the help of Mary’s Milk. 


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